Regarding a futures contract, the difference between the cash price and the futures price observed in the market. Also, it is the price an investor pays for a security plus any out-of-pocket expenses. It is used to determine capital gains or losses for tax purposes when the stock is sold. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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basis ba‧sis [ˈbeɪss] noun bases PLURALFORM [-siːz] [countable]
1. the facts or ideas from which something can be developed:
basis for

• If talks restart, this package is likely to be a basis for negotiation.

2. the original figures from which something can be calculated or valued:
basis for/​of

• These figures will be the basis for future price calculations.

— see also accrual basis, cash basis, earnings basis

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   The difference between a futures prices and the corresponding underlying cash price. Basis is normally quoted as cash price deducted from futures price of the nearest delivery month. There is a high degree of correlation between cash and futures prices but the basis is not constant. A basis trade exploits the expected movements in basis. Basis is likely to reduce and eventually to shrink to nothing as the futures contract approaches its expiry date. (Figure 2.)
   ► See also Backwardation and Contango.

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basis UK US /ˈbeɪsɪs/ noun (plural bases /ˈbeɪsiːz/)
[C, usually singular] a fact or situation that makes it possible for something to exist, happen, or develop in a particular way: basis for sth »

Should the TV licence fee continue to be the basis for the BBC's funding?


Ministers claimed the figures were bogus and had no basis in reality.

be/form/provide the basis for sth »

Sustainable development should form the basis for a corporate vision of the future.

as a basis for sth »

It is hoped that the WTO agreements will serve as a basis for strengthening relationships with developing countries.

[S] the way things happen, or are done or organized: on a daily/monthly/regular, etc. basis »

Skills need to be updated on an ongoing basis.

on a full-time/permanent/temporary, etc. basis »

She's employed by the agency on a temporary basis.


Assessment of insurance claims takes place on a case-by-case basis.

See also ACCRUALS BASIS(Cf. ↑accruals basis), CASH BASIS(Cf. ↑cash basis)
[S or U] the reason why someone does something or why something happens: »

There appears to be no logical basis for these proposals.

on the basis of sth »

Discrimination on the basis of gender, age, race, or sexual orientation is against the law.

on the basis that »

Some bidders were rejected on the basis that they lacked an understanding of the needs of the organization.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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